About me

Artista Visual – Fotógrafo Performativo y Conceptual.

Visual Artist – Conceptual & Performer Photographer. 

My work:
Devotion and admiration for the female figure and its inner world mainly guides all my work. Represented in clean settings, fantasy worlds or in everyday scenes, many as heroines or magical beings, but above all as real people, human beings at their best, who interpret themselves within a framework that is sometimes oppressive, decadent, disturbing or suffocating and in which its mere presence on the scene provides a point of light, beauty, eroticism and hope on the universal concerns that assail us. The meticulous work, together with the affinity and empathy with all my models, has forged a close personal and emotional bond that has allowed me to bridge their psyche and extract emotions and feelings that otherwise would not have been possible to achieve and represent. genuinely in my images.